Diversity Collective Ventura County is a community based non profit 501c3 organization.  Promoting advocacy, education, and mental and physical health for the LGBTQ community in Ventura County, California via our community resource center, programs and community events. We are the parent organization of Ventura County Pride, AIDS Walk Ventura and The Diversity Gala. All proceeds raised through fundraising efforts go to fund DCVC and it's community programs.

​​ Do you know your HIV status? We are a community resource here for you! If you have questions about HIV & AIDS or want to know your prevention method options, we have answers! The stigma around HIV and AIDS makes "being in the know" scary, we are all in this together and here at DCVC, we know your status is another tool to living a healthier more informed life.          

To Know your status and schedule a FREE rapid confidential HIV screening at our Community Resource Center you can simply text or call 805-665-3193 and ask for information about an easy appointment or email rapidtesting@diversitycollective.org. 

All appointments are performed by a trained testing counselor. Rapid test results are done in 20 minutes. Be in the know!       

Do you know about PrEP? TRUVADA for PrEP® (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a prescription medicine that can help reduce the risk of getting HIV through sex when taken every day and used together with safer sex practices. TRUVADA for PrEP is only for people who are at risk of getting HIV and weigh at least 77 pounds. You must be HIV-negative before you start taking TRUVADA for PrEP. TRUVADA for PrEP does not prevent other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy.

Would you like more information and or personal confidential PrEP navigation on where do I get it, how much does it cost and am I a good candidate for PrEP? We can help!

Text or call 805-665-3193    

Here is more educational Information. https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/prep.html

Why wrap it as prevention? Safer sex includes the usage of internal and external condoms. Traditional external or male condoms and newer internal or female condoms, when used correctly, have shown to reduce significantly HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. For more information about both internal and external prevention methods text or call 805-665-3193.         

Free condoms are offered at our community resource center.                                   For other locations please see the link.



Special Guest Host, Ongina from RuPaul's Drag Race Season One 
The goal of AIDS Walk Ventura is to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and to fund Diversity Collective's HIV-AIDS Education and Prevention Program. We will be working closely with the County of Ventura to ensure we fill in the gaps of service here in the county and make a positive impact on how HIV-AIDS affects us locally. Donations for AIDS Walk 2019 are still being accepted. 

AIDS Walk Ventura is a fun, healthy way for friends, families, and teams of co-workers to raise awareness and help to do their part in the fight against HIV & AIDS in Ventura County. The event has a long history in Ventura County and has been hosted by a number of organizations throughout the years. Diversity Collective is proud to bring this event back to Ventura, in partnership with Ventura County Public Health, and with the help of numerous volunteers and sponsors. Together, we can reduce and eventually stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Ventura County. In 2016 we added a free health fair with dozens of health-related agencies and vendors. We look forward to expanding the fair this year! We will kick off the 5k walk at 10:00 am. The route will start in the park on Thompson and Fir up to Ash and over the freeway crossing to the beautiful Ventura Beach Boardwalk down to Main to Fir again for the finish line back in the park.         

AIDS Walk 2019 was a huge success thanks to all our sponsors, fundraisers, and 100's of walkers who fundraised online to reach a grand total of $37,000.00 so far. The final amount will be announced at our AIDS Walk Awards Presentation Celebration Thursday, March 28th. We like to thank our sponsors Premier America Credit Union, Macy's, The Downtown Ventura Organization, Pierpont Inn, Trader Joes, Starbucks, City of Ventura, County of Ventura, The Port of Hueneme, DMG Photo Booth, Bank of America, Keith and Neil Coffman-Grey. We like to thank our top individual fundraisers Ashley Anderson, Ziah Von Heyneman, and Thomas Cryer.  Top team fundraisers Team We are Glamily,  Amgen Pride, and Starbucks.