Virtual mom hugs, available now

With most pride’s being canceled, we had an idea! One of our favorite part’s of Pride is the mom hugs! Just knowing that this total stranger loves and accepts you has always been such a beautiful and powerful component of pride for us. Many in our community, and outside of it right now are quarantined with unsupportive parents, partners, siblings and people that do not use their right pronouns. We are starting a zoom group called “virtual mom hugs”.

We got the momma‘s, dad‘s, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, lgbtq+ allies, ready to give you encouraging words and virtual hugs! Please sign up by commenting below, message our page or email Dahkotahv- ! Come and get some love in! We are working on getting virtual mom hugs up and running, but need to know how many are interested, and what the best time/dates for everyone are! First meeting will probably be all of us saying hey! You do not have to reside in Ventura county to get a virtual hug!


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